IES has published its Transactions since 1858. These annual volumes form a fascinating record of engineering achievements. In 2014 the style and quality of production were updated and the publication wrras renamed as the IESIS Journal of Engineering and in 2020, as the IES Journal of Engineering.

A complete set of the IES Transactions is available from this resource. After registering as a guest user of the library (see link at the top right of the bar of the opening page) you can access and download items without charge.

Each volume of the transactions is stored as a 'collection' that comprises a file for the complete volume and files for the individual papers of that volume. As at April 2022, all the complete volume files and most of the single paper files are available.

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At present only metadata searching is possible

IES is a multi-disciplinary engineering body, founded in Scotland, that provides a forum in which individuals from all engineering and related disciplines can discuss and exchange information, generate ideas and encourage young engineers. IES works with kindred bodies to promote a wider understanding of the role of the professional engineer in society.

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